Odin Maritime Networking

Odin Maritime Networking is a solutions based company run by Graham Harrison and selected outsourced professionals.. We focus on African maritime operations, surveillance, protection and personal safety.

We are in tune with our Clients as we too are mariners, having operational and technical experience in the naval environment.

Using a vast network of maritime resources and products, we are able to provide innovative and adaptable solutions to your needs.

By being adaptable, we refer to two things:

  • from a service stand-point – understanding a Client’s requirements and delivering a solution to meet those needs; and
  • from an operations stand-point – being responsive, agile and determined to deliver solutions that work.

We understand that maritime operations are busy, diverse, complex and dangerous. It is for this reason that we first seek to understand the requirements of our Clients, and then tailor our services to their particular needs. In most cases, we will have a proven, time-tested solution to our Client’s needs. If not, we will build one.


Want to work with us? Email us, give us a call on +27837891565