About GF Harrison

Born in 1963 and educated in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Graham Harrison emigrated to South Africa in 1980, bound for the University of Cape Town.

Suitably entertained and educated, Graham served as a warfare officer in the South African Navy from 1983 to 2006, fulfilling operational, project management, command and training roles in the surface fleet, retiring as a Captain (SA Navy).

Highlights include

  • Various Command appointments at the Operational and tactical levels within the SA Navy and South African National Defence Force
  • 16 years at sea, the pinnacle being appointed as Commanding Officer of two warships, SAS JAN SMUTS and SAS ISAAC DYOBHA.
  • The opportunity to lead a team that created and executed the training plan for the initial crews of the South African Navy Patrol Corvettes.
  • Successfully culminated various SA Navy Electronic acquisition projects during the mid-life upgrade of the WARRIOR Class Strike Craft.

Initial contact with civilian life was through the import/export arena and sales and marketing positions with Meckow Ltd and SAXPO CC, serving clients in the Southern African Development Community, the Middle and Far East.

Graham is the owner of GF Harrison Consulting, a multi-faceted regional and international sales, import and export company.

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